Simple Tips on Reviewing a New Hairstyle by Downloading Your Photo

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Simple Tips on Reviewing a New Hairstyle by Downloading Your Photo

Although there is no doubt that your hair will soon grow back after an unsatisfactory or a botched cut, it is always a little bit scary to cut your locks off. this is particularly true if you are making a dramatic change or shift on your haircut, whether it is from a platinum blonde to a glossy blown, or form long hair to bob. Luckily, there are lots of free virtual makeover programs which are available online and also you can try on a certain haircut without actually touching a hair on your head. In other words, that will reduce the risk of having unsatisfactory cut a barber. This can be easily carried out with a computer software or program which allows you to plug in a photo of you and switch out the style and tone as many times as you desire. Some of the programs require no free at all, while some others may require payment. So be careful when choosing the virtual makeover program.

First, let us see what is needed to do the virtual makeover. You will need ponytail holder, digital camera, water, computer, and virtual hairstyling software. As the start, you need to pull your hair back in tight ponytail. In case your hair is not long enough, you can simply slick your hair back using water. That will make it easier for you to check the new style on the hairstyle software. After that, you can take a digital photograph of you by looking just straight into your camera. Just be sure that your posture is good and your nose or eyes are level with your camera, so you can get full shot on your face. After that, upload your photo onto hairstyle software. You can buy the program at local store which sells computer programs or buy one online. Some of the popular software include,,, and these virtual makeover programs even provide a demo, so you can easily find out the way to operate the program.

After that, follow the instructions on the program that you have bought. Usually, you will be able to click on a number of styles that you want to try. A great number of programs divide the styles into short, long, and medium length categories. You can simply pick up the colour just after you have chosen the hairstyle.



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